Megs Mad Top Ten (THIS WEEK: Perfume)

The first thing you always notice about someone is the way they look. The way they appear, how they dress, their features (unless, of course, you’re blind).

But, the thing that is a real game changer with meeting a new person is… how they smell. You could meet David T (Dr who crush hello hello) but he may smell like a toilet. No more hello hello crush there.

So, if you’re a female (or male who likes to smell feminine, no gender negatives here, then tune in to find the smells that make me go wild. And, who knows, maybe you’ll go wild too?)

Also, please comment any recommendations below because, I’m always willing to try new products (unless it’s pound lane perfume, I put my foot down there).


  1. Lust (Store: Lush) – the most beautiful, flirty perfume you’ll find as it’s filled with jasmine and turns you into a seductive tempress.
  2. Lady Million (Store: Boots) – so, so lovely and fresh and gorgeous and everything perfect that makes paying a pretty pound for perfumes worth it.
  3. Rihanna Rebel Fleur (Store: Superdrug, Boots, ect) – I’m not a massive fan of celeb scents but this ones very mysterious and heavy, which I love!
  4. Vanilla Victoria Secret (Store: VS) – hello cutie, that’s all I’m gonna say
  5. Miss Dior (Store: Boots) – makes you feel so sophisticated and unaffordable
  6. Coco Chanel (the one Kiera Knightley sponsors, lol) – fit
  7. Calvin Klein Shock (Store: Boots) – perfect for if you’re just getting into perfume as quite light
  8. Britney Spears Fantasy (Store: Boots) – so so so sexy
  9. Summer Romance Victoria’s Secret – yum
  10. Nina Ruchi – my mum wears this and she’s so glamorous


And…. a couple of aftershaves for the lads that make me go wild and smell so good whenever I’ve smelt them on guys

  1. Spice Bomb – okay so my snake (aka boyfriend) wears this and it smells so good
  2. Hugo Boss – my bro wears this and gets them numbers


Bye, I’m Meg and I’m gonna go be Mad

Things I Want To Achieve:

  • Volunteer for a few weeks in Cambodia (or similar destination) helping and teaching children
  • Go to Glastonbury festival 2019
  • Go interailing across Europe – Ausvitz, Amsterdam (anne frank and Van Goth), Italy (letterwall), Paris (Eiffle tower), Prague (JL Wall), Croatia (party), Budapest
  • Africa for 21st Birthday
  • Year Abroad for 3rd year
  • New York February 2018
  • Watersports in Cornwall
  • Visit Iceland and travel the ocean
  • Go rooftop and drive in cinema in London
  • Go Barcelona
  • Brighton to party
  • Ibiza
  • Zante
  • Festival volunteer – Reading, Latitude, Tuck, ect
  • Help Oxfam
  • Become Student Ambassidor at uni
  • Help in Welcome Week at uni
  • Sign up to buddy scheme at uni
  • Walk of fame in LA

Cable Girls (2017) – les chicas des cable

Now, I know what you’re thinking. A Spanish TV show, with subtitles? Now how can I binge out to that. Well, I thought the exact same thing but, believe me maddens, this TV show is seriously gripping.

As a viewer who appreciates a little bit of romance and drama, this show was a perfect mix. Although parts slightly clique, the beautiful acting and sleek cinematography, I could forgive the moments of rash scenes.

And there’s something so enticing about the Spanish language. All the ti-ki-ero (appalling spelling I know, but it means I love you in Spanish) and smooth words, it’s just so beautiful!

It truly puts the British soaps we have to shame as, instead of having 30 something mums in sweatpants and greasy hair, it’s filled with sophisticated 1920s girls dolled up in dresses with sleek bobs and slick men in suits. Imagine Downton Abbey but their all dressed as flappers and way, way sexier. Spain definitely does themselves proud when it comes to dramas.

I mean, it’s not particularly oscar worthy, but as a chill, sophisticated, 1920s drama, it does the job.